General conditions

General Conditions offers the traveler two kinds of services with different contractual conditions. With regard to lease and rent of the boats listed in the page, the conditions of point "1" of this document shall apply. For the tours in the section TOURS and FLOTILLAS, the reference conditions are indicated at point "2" of this document.


The specific conditions are in any case explained in detail during the booking phase of the chosen service.

  1. Service Description. BeBlue acts as an Agency and Broker. Through its website, it offers an online platform thanks to which Charters and Shipowners can present their boats and offers, making contact with the visitors/customers of the website, who can in turn make a reservation. By making a reservation request through BeBlue, the Customer is contractually bound to the Charter Company whose boat he chooses. The Agency BeBlue puts the two parts in contact and acts exclusively as an intermediary, communicating the booking details to the Charter Company, supporting the Customer in the booking process and sending him an e-mail to confirm the booking. Thus, it is not part of the rental contract, being neither an agent nor a representative of the Charter Company and, in any case, it does not have any power of representation with regard to them. BeBlue cannot therefore be held responsible for the non-execution or partial execution of the services described in the contract between the Customer and the Charter Company. The Charter Company will always be held responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the information (including price and availability) displayed in the website The BeBlue website presents offers that are updated daily, but not in real time. The BeBlue website, though constantly updated to provide quotations and services as punctual and precise as possible, cannot be considered guarantor of the quality and level of service offered by the Charter Companies. The user/customer expressly recognizes that, by making a reservation through the website, he enters into a direct relationship with the Charter Company and that BeBlue will act solely as intermediary, with the aim of permitting the existence of such direct relationship between Charter Company and Customer. Lastly, it should be noted that the present general conditions regulate the relationships among the Customer, the Charter Company and BeBlue. At the time of the booking confirmation, the Customer will also be provided with the general conditions of renting of the Charter Company with which the contract is framed. Those conditions will be presented to the Customer once again at the time of the boat takeover. 
  1. Obligations. The visitor/customer undertakes to provide accurate and truthful information during the process of registration and booking in any requested way/form, in order to enter into a correct and complete contract for the provision of the requested service. BeBlue has the obligation to require the Customer to pay for the contractual services booked through its website, receiving the payment from the user in the name of the Charter Company providing the service and that may include possible extra services, following the guidelines indicated by the user on the website during the booking process. BeBlue will transfer the payment collected from the Customer to the Charter Company, according to the conditions established with the company and will give confirmation of acceptance of the booked services to the Customer immediately after payment. The Customer is responsible for the total payment of the service covered by the contract, in compliance with the procedures, deadlines and amounts stipulated through the BeBlue website in the final booking phase. The Customer expressly accepts to make proper use of the service, in accordance with the applicable rules. He also accepts any responsibility that could derive from an incorrect use of the service. 
  1. Payments. At the time of confirmation of the booking, the Customer will be asked to pay an advance corresponding to 50% of the rental amount. The rest must be paid no later than 30 days before departure. For bookings made in the 30 days prior to the departure date, the full amount must be paid at the time of confirmation of the booking. Failure to comply with these conditions authorizes the cancellation of the bookings, even if already confirmed. 
  1. Deposit. When boarding, the Customer must pay a deposit to cover the insurance deductibles. The deposit is returned on disembarkation if there are no damages or loss.
  1. Price validity and currency. The rental prices and the prices of extra services are expressed in € (Euro). Prices are calculated on the basis of exchange rates and of the costs of services of the previous year. They may be subject to variations at any time, due to exchange rate fluctuations, costs of services and variations of the price lists made by charter companies during the current year or due to input errors. All the prices displayed on the website are intended as prices per week and include VAT and other eventual taxes, unless otherwise mentioned on the website and/or at the time of booking. 
  1. Waivers. Customers can waive the rental only until the 30th day before departure. In that case, the paid amounts will be returned only if the Charter Company will be able to resell the same rental service. Otherwise, there will be no refund. In any case, 10% of the paid amount will be withhold for brokering rights. No refund will be anyway acknowledged to customers who do not present themselves for boarding or who waive during the course of the cruise.
  1. Variations. The Charter Company is entitled to replace the chosen boat with a similar one with analogous characteristics, in case it is necessary for operational or other reasons.
  1. Insurance. As an intermediary, BeBlue is not entitled to provide any insurance cover for the protection of luggage, health of the travelers and trip cancellation by the Customers, if not expressly requested or specified. BeBlue, thanks to its partnership with AXA Assistance and upon request of Italian Customers, can formulate specific quotations based on the needs of the travelers. Moreover, it may avail itself of the collaboration with important international Insurance Companies to offer specific insurance coverage for Italian as well as foreign customers. In any case, BeBlue recommends that its Customers take out specific insurance policies to cover their trip and its related services.
  1. Reasons of force majeure. Reasons of force majeure such as, for instance, strikes, adverse weather conditions, natural disasters, civil or military riots, technical and other problems, can cause even substantial changes to the reservation. Being reasons of force majeure, no responsibility can be attributed to BeBlue, and additional expense that will be needed, if any, will be charged to the Customer.
  1. Refunds for services not used. Requests for refunds, if any, for services not used as well as disputes must be communicated in written form within 15 days from the date of return at the end of the cruise, or all claims will have to be relinquished.
  1. Place of jurisdiction. Any possible controversy will be subject to the jurisdiction of the Court of Law of Venice - ITALY.

2. GENERAL CONDITIONS SALES OF TOURIST PACKAGES: attached in tour confirmation process. Request and infos: