Aeolian Islands

A sailing cruise through the Aeolian archipelago, with one of BeBlue selected boats, will give you an unique experience: relax and sail, perfect ingredients for your dreamy holiday! This archipelago, connected with the ancient myth and  full of history and traditions, during the ages altered its shape following the nature's rhythms.  Venture to discover the luxuriant flora, the blue sea and beaches covered by sand or pebbles. Selected catamarans and sailing boats are waiting for you to set sail through Aeolian islands, in Italy. Contact us for a personalised estimate. 

Marina Portorosa  Marina Capo d'Orlando

Marina Furnari

Marina Milazzo

Sant'Agata Militello

Marina Tropea


Check-in from 4pm on Saturday and check-out at 10 am on the following Saturday

Sailing boat Catamaran


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The main airports are the Interational Airport in Catania (iata code: CTA), or the one in Palermo (iata code: PMO). Don't hesitate to contact us: we are available for any advice.



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Day 1: Check-in

Boarding available from 4 pm on Saturday.


Day 2

We depart from Portorosa, sailing to the north in the direction of the beautiful island of Lipari. With its 37 square km surface shaped in the course of the centuries by no less than 12 volcanoes, this island is the biggest of the Aeolians and is around 20 nm away from the Sicilian coasts. Mountainous and with jagged coasts, it shows its volcanic nature along all its coastline, where you can find a deep cave after another, suggestive beaches and ample bays surrounded by red cliffs and white pumice stones. You can stop for a dive nearby the little coves of Portinente, Vinci and Punta del Perciato, or the secret beach of Acquacalda. Porto Pignataro and the Marina Lunga beach will be a good dock for the night.


Day 3

We sat sail from Lipari, proceeding on our route with a nice sailing to the north to reach Stromboli. The volcano from which the island originates is one of the six volcanoes in the world that are “constantly” active. The island coastline is full of caves and bays with wide black sand beaches, but also small hidden coves where you can stop for a dive in the crystal clear water with a thousand shades of blue. The little hamlet close to the sandy beach of Punta Lena certainly deserves a visit.


Day 4

After breakfast, we head south-west towards Salina. This island, with its many high cliffs dropping sheer into the sea, is the greenest of the Aeolians, covered by ferns as well as olive and fruit trees. You can moor in the nice little harbor of Santa Marina and go ashore to visit the beautiful town with its magnificent church from the 18th century and the characteristic bell towers. It will be the perfect occasion to enjoy a nice dinner and try the tasty local cuisine.


Day 5

In the early morning, we leave from Santa Marina for a stopover north of Salina. The suggestive bay of Pollara, with its beautiful beach and the empty fishermen houses, constitutes a picture-perfect landscape you shouldn’t miss. After lunch, we leave again and head east to reach Panarea. You will find crystal clear waters, spectacular cliffs and enchanting seabeds that make this island a perfect place for scuba divers and snorkeling lovers. You can anchor at Cala Junco, one of the most fascinating docks in the Aeolians, and go ashore for an excursion among the ruins of an ancient prehistorical village.


Day 6

From Panarea, we set sail and move towards the west in the direction of the island of Filicudi. It will astound you immediately for its marvelous coasts, where high cliffs and stacks alternate with beautiful plain beaches, like the one of Capo Graziano. With the tender you can explore the various caves, including the most famous one of Bue Marino, with an incredible crystal blue sea bottom.


Day 7

From Filicudi we raise sail towards the south-east, heading for the wonderful island of Vulcano. Famous for its thermal springs and healing mud, it offers an unrivaled view from the sea: the Grotta (cave) del Cavallo, the Piscina (pool) di Venere, the southern beaches and the many little coves you will find in the west. Don’t miss an excursion ashore to go up the slopes of the volcano and admire the spectacular view on the surrounding islands and the isthmus connecting Vulcano with Vulcanello.



Each one of the 7 islands of the Aeolian archipelago will give you an unforgettable experience. The biggest one is Lipari, where you have the opportunity to mix some hours spent on the beach with a walk along the streats of the old town center and in the well-known archeological museum. Salina is also called the ''green Island'' thanks to the luxuriant nature that surround the islands; it is better to admire from here a burning sunsets, enjoying the beauty of its natural shape. If you want to spend a relaxing day, better not to lose  a visit to the thermal baths in Vulcano, famous for the soothing property. Panarea will show you its breathtaking landscapes if you chooseon of the recent trekking routes, walking through simplicity and farmers' life. For people who love aduventure, we suggest you a guided exploration through the Stromboli. Alicudi and Filicudi are the two little islands, far from the crowded tourism, where you will rediscover the silense, enjoying breathtaking landscapes.